Employers Liability Insurance

Employers Liability from commercial insurance experts. £10m employers' liability as standard tailored to your specific requirements and business activities.

Employers Liability Insurance

Employers Liability from commercial insurance experts. £10m employers' liability as standard tailored to your specific requirements and business activities.

Employers’ Liability Insurance

Let us compare employers’ liability from over 5 of the leading A-rated insurers in the UK. We will tailor your business insurance quote to your specific needs whilst ensuring you meet your legal liability obligations for the employment of staff.

What is Employers' Liability Insurance?

Employers' Liability cover protects both you and your employees from financial losses in the event of an accident that causes bodily injury, illness, property damage or even accidental death to an employee as part of their work for you.

Whether you've begun employing one or several people, you must have employers' liability cover in place as soon as you become an employer and throughout the time during which you employ any staff as an employer by law. You must be covered for at least £5 million. It can pay compensation costs and legal fees if an employee or ex-employee sues for illness or injury injured as a result of the work they do for you.

For example, a member of the office staff is badly injured when they trip over a trailing computer cable in the office and makes a compensation claim against the employer or former employer. The court can order the employer to pay compensation for injury, costs and other damages. This compensation amount and the legal fees can then be paid by the employers' liability insurance.

Whilst Employers' Liability Insurance cover can be arranged on a standalone basis, for small to medium-sized businesses it is usually more cost-effective to build into your public liability or business insurance package. The majority of Insync business insurance policies allow the addition of employers liability cover, so whether you take us Beauty Insurance, Shop Insurance, or even Medical Indemnity Insurance we can include liability for your employees at the best price.

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Employers' Liability

As business insurance experts, our Employers' Liability cover can be tailored to your specific requirements and business activities. This can include:

  • Cover for tradesman/tradeswoman, manufacturers, mobile or homeworkers.

  • Cover for small and medium-sized businesses

  • £10,000,000 Employers Liability as standard (higher limits available on request)

  • Cover for legal fees and compensation costs

  • Partnerships, LLPs and Limited Companies

  • Legal fees and compensation award payments

  • Cover for permanent employees, subcontractors and/or temporary workers

  • Specialist or High-risk trade experts

Why Insync for Public Liability

  • We compare prices and cover from leading liability insurers

  • Instant quotations - cover and policy documents in minutes

  • Flexible cover & monthly payments – just pay for the sections you need

  • Expert advice from liability insurance specialists

  • Legal expense cover

  • Personal – Digital servicing AND your own dedicated insurance professional

FAQs for Employers' Liability


If you are running a business and employ people you will need employers' liability by law.

The Employers' Liability (compulsory insurance) Act 1969, makes EL cover a legal requirement in the UK for most businesses with employees. Any employer needs to have employers' liability to cover a minimum of £5 million. There is a £2,500 fine every day you are not properly insured. You can also be fined £1,000 if you do not display your EL certificate or refuse to make it available to inspectors when they ask.
The law is in place to ensure that your employees and their families get the financial compensation they deserve should they be injured while at work.

The term employee is widely defined as 'any person who is under a contract of service or apprenticeship' with the employer. It can include not only direct employees but also self-employed people, hired people and students on work experience.

If you are unsure, you'll likely need employers’ liability insurance if:

  • You pay employees’ salaries and deduct tax and National Insurance
  • you supply work equipment for employees
  • Your employees generate profit for your business
  • you control, where, when and how they work

If you only use contractors or freelance professionals with their own insurance in place, you don't need employers’ liability. You also don't need employers' liability if your employee family member and the business is not a limited company. However, you should consider, having public liability in place, this cover will protect you against any accidents or damages involving these people as a result of your business, as regardless of whether claims come from family members or unrelated employees, compensation claims can be extremely high.

To check whether you're exempt from employers' liability insurance see the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website.


If you are a limited company, you will need liability coverage for all your employees. However, if you are not a limited company and exclusively hire immediate family members, you may be exempt. Family members include spouses, civil partners, children, step-children, grand-children grandparents, parents, step-parents, and siblings. If you have any questions about exemptions, don't hesitate to speak to one of our qualified team about your Employers' Liability Insurance policy.


We understand that who is and who isn't an employee might not always be clear cut in a small business. While you would typically define someone as an employee if you have a contract of employment - this isn't necessarily how you would decide if you needed EL Insurance for them or not. The HSE deems someone an employee if you do any of the following:

  • Supply their work materials
  • Control where, when or how they work
  • Treat them as you would an employee
  • Deduct National Insurance or Income Tax from their pay
  • Not allow them to send in a replacement should they not be able to carry out the work

If you have any questions regarding whether you should have Employers' Liability cover, speak to one of our team. Our Specialist Commercial Insurance brokers will be able to arrange the right level of cover for your business to ensure you are on the right side of employment law!


While Public Liability also covers you for injury, illness and property damage claims by members of the public, it will not cover you for liability claims as a result of injury or illness to your employees, which is where employers liability insurance is required. Our Insync team can arrange Public Liability as part of your wider business cover.


As every business is different so too are the various roles an employee can undertake. The price of your employers' liability insurance usually depends on several things, including the number of employees you have and the type of business you run, although adding employers liability cover to your public liability and/or professional indemnity insurance policy can be as low as £50.00 per year.

The cost of your insurance policy will also vary in line with the value of the cover you take out. Premiums are often higher in high-risk professions where your business employs people to work in more dangerous situations, such as engineers or electricians or tree surgeons.

To get an idea of how much employers' liability will be and how much coverage you need for your business, you can speak to one of our experts today. We can build you a policy just for you and compare prices from over 5 of the leading A-rated insurers in the UK.


Employers liability is just one of the main business insurances, it is often combined with other types of cover to make sure your business is fully protected. If you're at the point where your business is needing employers' liability, whether you're starting a business or expanding an existing business, you may want to extend your insurance cover to protect your livelihood and hard work up to this point.

For instance, you might be expanding and taking on premises which need employees to run the building, this not only means you'll need employers' liability but also you might want to consider contents or equipment insurance and public liability insurance.

By having these main business insurances in place, you can rest assured that should anything go wrong such as accidental damage or a break-in, alternatively if an employee or ex-employee has a claim against your business you'll be covered.


The cost of public liability cover depends on your profession, the type of work you do, and the frequency that this work done.

Premiums for liability insurance start from as little as £50 (plus insurance premium tax) for sole traders or sole Directors. However, the cost of Public Liability can range based on your specific business activities and location. For example, if you are a specialist engineer working in a railway red zone, some insurers would class this as a higher risk activity and specialist cover may be required.

Similarly, if you run a catering truck or stall at events with high foot traffic, you have an increased risk of an accident than a home-based e-commerce business and therefore will pay a higher premium. The cost may also depend on the location of your business, your previous claims history, the key is explaining exactly how your business operates and our dedicated Advisor will help to find the most suitable option for you.


Sometimes, when purchasing Public Liability online, you might come across a price that seems too good to be true. Unfortunately, that is often the case, and cheap public liability policies can be just that. Luckily, that's where our specialist team steps in. We can make sure your business has the right level of tailored cover at the right price.


Each policy has the potential to be different; however, typically, your policy will cover you for all locations you are carrying out work. Most Public Liability Insurance policies are restricted to UK work as standard, but if you carry out any work outside the UK cover can usually be extended for you. Your liability insurance policy will usually also cover both your actions as the business owner and any employees while carrying out off-site business activities. Our business insurance team can organise Public Liability insurance for a range of locations, so you can have peace of mind that you are covered for accidents.


Whether it's a private or government contract, there may often be times where you need to provide proof of your Public Liability Insurance either before you start the work, or before you get paid. You may also need to provide evidence of Public Liability cover for construction works site access or when attending events where the venue owner requires you to have a specific indemnity limit beforehand.

Proof of Public Liability Insurance may come in the form of a copy of your policy or a schedule of insurance which will be available to you immediately after you have confirmed and arranged your policy.


Our expert team can help you find the right level of cover to meet the specific requirements of your business, including Public Liability Insurance.

The specific limit of cover you will need will depend entirely on your business activities and should factor in your worst-case scenario. The more risk factors involved in your work, the higher level of cover you will need. It is common that, when contracting to a larger firm or taking on government contracts, you will be required to provide proof of having a specific level indemnity. If this is the case, just let our team know, and we can arrange this for you. In situations where you are working with a local authority, it is often expected that you will have a minimum cover of £5million public liability cover.

If there isn't a set contractual requirement, you should consider the risks your business faces each day. For example, you are a contractor, and you carry out work within a hospital or school, this will be a much higher risk than work carried out in a private home.


Most types of business insurance, including public liability, is what is considered an allowable expense; this makes it tax-deductible. Remember to keep your receipt and policy documents safe! Insync will send you these digitally when you sign up. For something to be considered an allowable expense by HMRC, it needs to be a business cost which is paid out of your business income including interest on business loans, some training courses, employee pensions and business insurance costs.


Employers Liability insurance is a legal requirement for all businesses with employees, or with two or more Directors and not having it can result in fines of up to £2,500 every day until you are adequately insured. Employers Liability cover (EL), provides cover for your legal liability against injury or illness to your employee.

If your employee suffers a bodily injury, property damage or even accidentally killed at work; your employer's liability insurance cover provides indemnity against any compensation and associated legal costs for which you may be liable. You have a legal obligation to take out EL cover for most staff, including casual workers, temporary staff, part-time staff and volunteers. However, there is an exemption for some immediate family members if the business is not trading as a limited company.


Product Liability insurance offers similar cover to Public Liability insurance, but the two are not interchangeable. Products Liability provides cover if a third-party suffers a personal injury, accidental death or damage to property due to a physical product that you have supplied to them. If you are a manufacturer, you have an increased number of liability risks in comparison to a retailer. However, if the manufacturer is untraceable, someone else in the supply chain can be found liable and have to pay legal costs and compensation fees. This can be a particular risk of the products you supply are imported from China or the Far East.

You can often purchase Products Liability alongside your regular Public Liability policy. Our Public Liability policies generally come with Product Liability cover as standard. Products Liability Insurance is advisable for any business that manufactures, designs or sells a physical product at any point of the supply chain.


As a property owner, or leaseholder you have a duty of care to the public to maintain your property. Claims of accidental injury due to disrepair pose a serious financial risk to your business. Without Public Liability cover, your business will be liable for both the legal fees and compensation payments owed to the claimants.

Disrepair can range from small things like loose floorboards and carpets to significant hazards like a roof caving in. It is vital to make sure your property is kept up to code at all times to prevent unnecessary claims. Responding to public liability claims from third-party injury caused by disrepair are considered at the insurer's discretion, particularly if the policyholder knowingly failed to maintain the property.


As a business owner, in addition to public liability insurance, you may also want to consider covers such as:

  • Tools Insurance and Plant cover
  • Business equipment, laptop and/or mobile phone insurance
  • Office insurance or business contents/stock at your premises
  • Business Interruption insurance
  • Commercial Property Buildings Insurance if you own commercial property
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance / Professional Liability Insurance if you provide advice or service for a fee
  • Special Event Insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance

Our team will be happy to discuss what insurance you should include in your business policy over the phone.


While it will not cover claims made by employees, your Public Liability will cover both your actions and those of your employees whilst working in your business.

Sub-contractors can also be covered under your liability insurance on with a bonafide basis or a labour only sub-contractor basis.


Insync Insurance is a specialist commercial insurance broker. You can request your public liability quote today through our website, and one of our specialist team will be in touch to talk through your requirements. Click the button below to request your quote.


A caterer is serving a large conference attending my leading UK entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, there is a contamination issue, and several guests at the event suffer a particularly nasty strain of food poisoning with one person needing hospital treatment. Several of them make a legal claim against the caterer for their illness and for loss of earnings during their recovery time. The caterer's insurance responds and covers the legal costs of the claims along with the compensation payments for their potential breach of consumer protection and food safety legislation.


While an electrical firm is installing a new flat-screen television for a client, an employee accidentally drills through a gas pipe. The firm receives a claim for property damage and trace and access cover to locate and fully repair the leaking pipe. The overall cost of replacing the pipe and redecorating comes to around £25,000, which is covered by their insurers.

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