Radiographers & Sonographers Professional Indemnity Insurance

Society & College of Radiographers (SCoR) preferred Indemnity Insurance Broker

Radiographers & Sonographers Professional Indemnity Insurance

Society & College of Radiographers (SCoR) preferred Indemnity Insurance Broker

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Radiographer and Sonographer Indemnity Insurance

Insync is the preferred insurance broker for The Society & College of Radiographers (SCoR). We work closely with our insurer partners and the SCoR to ensure our specialist professional indemnity insurance cover is tailored to the ever-changing needs of radiographers and sonographers. – there are many products out there that simply do not meet every one of your needs and with litigation and legal matters forever increasing in your sector; now is the most crucial time for you to ensure that all facets of risk are protected. We will ensure full protection for you aligned with your own personal circumstances in order to provide the peace of mind that you need and deserve. 

Since 1st October 2017, the indemnity benefit offered by The Society of Radiographers only covers those of you that have an appropriate employment contract (that comes with indemnity – please be advised that some zero-hour contracts still do not have adequate coverage). Members who are self-employed, independent practitioners, freelance, locum or trade via a limited company or umbrella arrangement will need to arrange it individually. – since the 1st of October; we have observed many loopholes and workarounds being implemented, however; we have seen that many practitioners are left extremely vulnerable and we are here to discuss your own situation with you and advise of exactly what’s required or confirm if your chosen solution outside of our bespoke SCoR scheme is going to be adequate. Remember – the stakes are high and we need to protect you and your assets. 

Our specialist SCoR Indemnity cover is available for both individuals, partnerships, LTD companies and all other types of medical entities and our team of malpractice and indemnity experts are on hand to provide expert guidance on your specific requirements.

SCoR Professional Indemnity Cover

Our specialist policy for members of The Society & College of Radiographers includes a wide level of exclusive but necessary cover; vital but standard cover features include:

  •  Professional Negligence and/or Breach of Professional Duty – PI coverage
  • Medical Malpractice – clinical cover and bodily injury

Both of the above also contains retrospective cover aligned with your original SoR membership – this is crucial since the 1st October 2017; this feature covers your historical non- employed work that you may still be sued for and also now left fully liable for.

• Public Liability - 3rd party injury and damage claims 
• Libel and Slander 
• Copyright Infringement 
• Breach of Confidentiality and/or Data Protection 
• Abuse and/or Sexual Harassment 
• Loss of Documents 
• Good Samaritan acts

The Society of Radiographers Indemnity Programme

The Society & College of Radiographers continue to provide professional indemnity where a contract of employment is in place in the form of vicarious or secondary protection.

If you are working under an employment contract, your employer is required to arrange indemnity protection against professional negligence or malpractice. However, should the employers’ policy fail to respond, the SCoR indemnity scheme should provide assistance.

* Please be advised that the cover offered via the Society assumes that you will be covered fully on a primary basis – therefore you either need full confirmation explicitly confirming that you are covered from your ‘employer’; or you need to purchase coverage immediately. 

Full details of the SCoR professional indemnity scheme can be found via their website.

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  • Self-employed Medical Practitioners or full heath organisation cover

  • Specialist policies for healthcare professionals who have been declined cover by their Medical Defence Union (MDU, MPS), previous claims or disciplinary actions

  • Doctors, dentists, surgeons, gynaecologists, nurses and health care organisations

  • Medico Legal Indemnity cover available

  • All policies approved for GMC registration and revalidation

  • Choice of A-Rated insurers fully underwritten at Lloyd’s of London

  • Medical Indemnity from £1m to £10m+

  • Policies include Breach of Professional Confidentiality

  • Libel & Slander and Inquest Hearing Costs cover

  • Regulatory Body Hearings cover

  • Indemnity to Principle extension available


We continue to remain fully engaged with the SCoR and insurance markets and we will be continuing to work very hard with a view to roll out new solutions, improvements and many benefits.

By choosing Insync you will automatically be included in all of these positive change updates and notifications by being our client and this will allow for a very consistent indemnity solution with ongoing features that will enhance your experience and make the subject of indemnity much less of a pressure point and worry.

Let us take the worry away and you will be able to do what you do best with peace of mind that you carry the correct protection!

  • Preferred Broker for SCoR

  • Dedicated Medical and Professional Indemnity Team

  • Flexible cover & monthly payments facilities

  • Expert advice from Indemnity Insurance specialists

  • Expert Medical Legal and Claims Support

  • Personal – Digital servicing AND your own dedicated insurance professional

What is Radiographers Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Radiographers indemnity insurance, or malpractice insurance as it is also know, provides cover against claims for professional negligence, acts or omissions in the course of your professional duties as a radiographer. 

Typical reported claims can include misdiagnosis, injury, or mental or physical harm to a patient. In many cases these are accusations which can be defended by the insurer thus protecting our client’s reputation.

Run Off Cover and Extended Reporting Periods

Professional indemnity cover is written on a “claims made” basis, what this effectively means is that you need cover in place when a claim is reported as well as when the medical procedure was carried out. Whilst you maintain insurance throughout your career this is not an issue, but should you cease to practice or retire you will need to arrange run off cover or an extended reporting period. 

Our specialist cover for ScOR members provides a three year extended reporting period as standard from the expiry of cover (subject to payment of an additional premium). We can also arrange more extensive run-off programmes and your Advisor will be able to discuss the various options with you.

Radiographers and Sonographers Professional Indemnity Claims Example

Initial signs of cancer are not picked-up during a chest scan which delays diagnosis by 6 months. 

The claimants Solicitor alleges that the patient may have had the opportunity to recover should treatment have been provided earlier and is seeking in excess of £250,000 in damages.

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